Light skin - Testers reveal the secret!

Light skin is a common face trait that is inherited by all children, but some children are born with more or less dark skin due to genetics. This is where the "lightening" concept of skin lightening comes from. Most skin lightening products are not natural, they are usually synthetic and they often contain chemical substances. Many of the products I'm reviewing are made from natural ingredients, but because they do contain chemicals, it may be difficult to determine whether or not the product actually helps with the appearance of light skin. A common problem with most skin lightening products is that the ingredients of the product don't really work together well and are usually not absorbed very well into the skin. The amount of product required to make skin lightening products works out to be quite a bit. This page is not meant to make any promises of how much a product will lighten or not lighten your skin, it is just meant to explain what lightening products are made of and how they will work for your specific skin type. If you want to purchase products that will work for you, you can check out the links above for more information.

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